In smartphones assembly: Cover Glass and front frame bonding, Back cover and frame bonding, LCM edge bonding for ultra-narrow bezel, Battery cell edge folding and bonding, IMT UV glue

In PCBA/FPCB: Underfill, Encapsulate, Adhesive on components

In camera module: Lens bonding, Barrel fixing, Grounding, Housing bonding Active alignment, Die attach Underfill

In accessories: MMA / 2K / PUR Hotmelt / CA / Magnet bonding, Encapsulate Waterproof, Underfill / Coating

In smart devices: Adhesive, Adhesive Seal, Adhesive for Speaker, EMI Gasket, PUR Hotmelt, Die Attach, Encapsulate

Adhesive map of tablet: Full screen bonding, Structural bonding, LCM light blocking, BMS protection, Thermal management

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