XBOND8061 Waterbased Laminating Film Adhesive


XBOND8061 is water-based film-coated adhesive – a white emulsion type adhesive composed of water as the dispersant and high molecular polymer as the dispersed phase.

The resin of XBOND8061 water-based film-forming adhesive affects and governs the gloss, adhesion, abrasion resistance, water resistance, flexibility and drying properties of the film layer of the film-coated adhesive, and protects the surface of paper and ink. Functional additives are used to improve the transferability, leveling, drying performance, smoothness of the water-based film-coated adhesive, adjust the viscosity, and increase the gloss. The water-based glue has a certain ability to “eat powder” on the powder spray on the printed matter, and can improve the gloss of the film. But if too much powder is sprayed, white spots like snowflakes will appear. At the same time, when printing with gold and silver inks, if the amount of glue applied is too large, water will soak the gold and silver inks, causing the gold and silver inks to become black.