XBOND1020 Cardboard laminating adhesive


XBOND1020 is laminate glue. Paste gray card paper, paperboard card paper, corrugated paper, the two digits the type represent solid quantity. Low solid content and cheap price, used widely.

Applicable machine:

  • Roll paper laminating machine
  • Sheet paper laminating machine

Applicable paper:

  • Gray cardboard paper
  • White cardboard
  • corrugated paper

Which performed:

  • Low water content, high stiffness
  • No deformation during lamination
  • High temperature and low temperature resistant sea ship
  • Fast and super adhesion
  • Good operability, no glue scattering
  • Environmental characteristics:
  • Free of toluene, ketones, etc. and halogens
  • Meet the heavy metal standards of EN-71-3 and ASTMF 963
  • Comply with EU and China RoHS requirements
  • Qualified standard for 6P content of phthalate plasticizer
  • Comply with 94/62/EC packaging standards and TPCH packaging material standards