Weldbond UF2002 underfill adhesive

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Weldbond UF2002 is 2nd level underfill adhesive

Black Liquid
Fast flow at room temperature
No voiding
Excellent reliability

Weldbond UF2002 is designed to improve the reliability of fine–pitch chip scale package (CSP) and wafer level packaging (WLCSP) assembly, and are suitable for automatic production line of customers.

Product Name UF2002
Appearance Black Liquid
Viscosity (cPs@25℃) 300-600
Curing Condition 10 min at 130°C
Elongation (%) 108.0
Tg by TMA (°C) 60
CTE1/CTE2 (ppm/℃) 60/190
Pot Life (25°C) (day) 3
Storage Temp -20°C